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Nicolas Cage as Mike Chandler
Cory Hardrict as Hanson
Weston Cage as Luke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arnuld-mizong 7 / 10

A good movie from Nicolas Cage in a long time

Like I always say, I do not write many reviews. First, I only write if the movie is extremely good and 2nd, if people are unnecessarily bashing a good movie or it has low rating. I decided to write this review because of 2nd reason.

It is not a really one of those great flicks with great acting and direction or with those grand budgets, like those of Tom Cruise. It is neither a low-budget film. It's kinda in the middle. It has original story, decent acting, it is well-paced, has balance of emotions and action. It is more like a feel good movie with drama, emotions, action and story all involved. Nicolas Cage had been doing worse movies, this is one of the good ones. I will recommend watching it. Rating given on IMDB is really low, 4.3 ? Come on, should have been 6.3 or something. Sometimes I feel like majority of us have lost that sense and touch of a good movie. I give it 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by alan viets 5 / 10

Please do not let Shackleton make another movie.

This movie is a 1 raised to a 5 by Nicolas Cage. The writing and directing are a joke. The story is basic and okay, it is the actual lines that are written that are embarrassing, I would swear a 14 year old with zero life experience wrote it. Unfortunately, Shackleton had just enough family money and influence to make this. It is saved a little by the fact that Cage can do a lot without any directing. The other participants, can't call them actors, really needed some direction and just didn't get it. So I beg you, York (yes, that is his name, you know, like the peppermint pattie) I beg you take all that family money and "hard earned snowboarding money" and donate it to a charity, you are just not talented enough to use it properly.

Reviewed by nowego 6 / 10

Surprisingly Good

At the time of writing this review, after actually watching this movie, the rating was 4.4 with 21% giving this a 1/10. Nicolas Cage really does have some haters, and I bet in this case many of them didn't even watch this movie before voting 1.

This is definitely not a 1/10 movie, my rating of 6/10 is in my opinion more accurate and I would have rated it higher except for a few issues I had with some of the acting and a few incidents that were a bit over the top.

I am not a huge Nicolas Cage fan, but I definitely don't think he is a bad actor, some of his movies are not the best and while this one is not one of his best, it is definitely not his worst and worth more than 4.4/10.

Basically a bank robbery gone wrong movie, with a bit of background drama thrown in. Some good action scenes and some pretty stupid actions on behalf of some of the characters, but overall an OK movie.

If you like shoot em ups, this one is for you. If you just don't like Nicolas Cage movies, just because, then this is not for you.

Not a movie I would see over and over, but OK for 80 minutes of entertainment.

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