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Taraji P. Henson as Melinda
Bresha Webb as Young Brenda
Jazmyn Simon as June
Lyriq Bent as Robert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cindyeve 9 / 10

I loved it

At first I was not all thrilled to see this movie. I just went because the girls wanted to go. Tyler Perry has definitely redeemed himself as the Drama/writer/Director He is. He really draws you in to the frustrations of the main character, and then He goes in for the kill. The kill of what many people do in real life but then regret Later. A must see, very entertaining.

Reviewed by dynver 9 / 10

Best Tyler Perry movie-to-date

This movie stands out from all the other Tyler Perry movies. Taraji P. Henson's acting was outstanding as usual and the plot was very well-written. Taraji did a great job as portraying the fed up wife that decided it's time to fight back. Going into the theater, I thought this was going to be another sappy love story gone bad. But, this movie proved me wrong. I definitely recommend seeing this movie.

Reviewed by KATO-SUBZERO 10 / 10

Great Flick. Two Thumbs Up, high.

1 April 3018. Two Thumbs Up. I like a lot of Tyler's films, but this is one of his best. Taraji deserves an award and she is great in this role. Lyriq Bent as "Robert" is great as a man who has a dream, but keeps failing and failing time and time and no one believes in him. From the beginning to the middle, it seems like Robert is a lazy good for nothing con man who sweets talks his pretty faithful wife out of all of her money to follow his pipe dream. His only mistake is that he cheated on his wife, once and the woman who he cheated with still likes him and believes in him and his get rich dream.

I totally understand how any loyal woman would feel after years of mental anguish at supporting a man who shows No potential. I love the twist when finally, he held out for his dream and he finally won. I could personally relate to that part of his character to want a dream to become a reality when all you get is No, no, no, rejection and more rejection. He proved to be a good man after all who even after she understandably divorced him, he still loved her and went to do the honorable thing by giving her a large amount of money and her mom's house back that she lost for all her emotional pain and suffering that she went through. The woman he cheated also believed in him and his dream and she helped him see his dream into reality.

I will see this one again. Two Thumbs up, way up high.

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