God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness



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John Corbett as Pearce Hill
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Ted McGinley as Thomas Ellsworth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by titchyblackmore 2 / 10

Terrible acting, Christian propaganda film

I won't bother trashing this film, there would be no point. But there's a concerted effort here to "up star" the film, Come on there's no way on earth anyone could possibly give this film 10/10 objectively, But just look how many have

Reviewed by Dave McClain 7 / 10

best of the bunch

"God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness" (PG, 2:00), also referred to as "God's Not Dead 3", is the third movie in the GND franchise, but the series is... evolving. 2014's "God's Not Dead" was mainly about attempting to prove God's existence academically (in a series of debates between a college student and his atheist professor). 2016's "God's Not Dead 2" tried to prove it in a courtroom, within the context of a plot that was more involved (but ridiculously unrealistic). This third GND film goes even further into concentrating on story development and abandons any attempt to prove God's existence through facts and logic. In this one, the director and writer of the first two are replaced by writer-director Michael Mason. It's Mason's first feature in any capacity, but his efforts give us the best executed GND yet.

The film picks up immediately following the post-credits scene in "2" in which Reverend David Hill (David A.R. White) is arrested for refusing a court order to turn over transcripts of his sermons. David's brief incarceration is fodder for news and talk shows, carrying forward the GND narrative that Christianity is under siege in modern America. David's church has become a source of political and social division in this small-town Arkansas community - and for the (fictional) college on whose land the church stands.

When a female coed named Keaton (Samantha Boscarino) breaks up with her boyfriend, Adam (Mike C. Manning), over religious differences, Adam takes out his frustrations by throwing a brick through a window of David's church. That single impulsive act has unintended but serious consequences which give the college an excuse to offer David a check to buy the building - and to use an eminent domain claim to try to force him to accept. This sets up a battle royale (legal and otherwise) between the pastor and one of his best friends, Hadleigh University chancellor Thomas Ellsworth (Ted McGinley). David gets his estranged brother, Pearce (John Corbett), to take a reluctant break from his Chicago law practice and come down to Arkansas to help. But in spite of all the help David gets from his irreligious brother, and the support he gets from his new girlfriend (Jennifer Taylor), he wonders why he hasn't heard from God.

"God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness" is more enjoyable, more relatable and more relevant than the previous GND movies. This one isn't nearly as preachy as the others (not even allowing anyone a comforting "He's with Jesus now" when a main character dies), settling for trying to prove God's not dead by showing how alive he is in the lives of his followers. In doing so, Mason puts forth a story that is dramatic and accessible enough for a broader audience to appreciate - including well-written dialog and excellent acting. In the end, the film's point of view is very clear, along with an even more wide-ranging message about the need for listening over talking, unity over divisiveness and love over hate. "B+"

Reviewed by chewypenguin-59931 2 / 10

Just sad

Gods not dead: ALID is a great movie, if you are a blind Christian. For anyone else it's just horrendous. The acting is subpar at best and the story is just like the others. I honestly have no idea how these movies are still getting made. They are just bad, they have the most predictable and offensive plots. They refuse to acknowledge that other religions matter and they just come over as propaganda.

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