Gone Tomorrow


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 51


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Chad Connell as Finn Blake
Anthony Ulc as Tony
Scott Gibson as Brian Day
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bryanmac-61113 1 / 10

Wow. I am amazed that this "film" was even made.

If I could give this "film" a lower rating than 1/10, I would. How about a -10/10. Seriously this might very well be the worst written, directed, acted and produced movie that I have ever had the terrible misfortune to sit through. It really is that bad. The acting is horrible, your local high school drama clubs Romeo and Juliet is much more than likely to have better acting than this turd of a movie. The director should never be allowed to work on a movie set ever again, except as a fluffer for gay porn, and the same can be said about the producers and writers. Save the 1 1/2 hours of your life and use them for something more interesting, like watching paint dry.

Reviewed by joseph means 1 / 10

God awful!

I want the hour and thirty minutes of my life back. Nothing but cliché, boring and predictable action scenes. Poor acting, poor writing and lacks any originality. This isn't fit for a ten year old to get excited about. I cant count the times I rolled my eyes, put my tongue firmly in my cheek and outright left the room hoping I had to urinate. I don't know who this director/writer is - but maybe he should try working at a Starbucks instead of trying to entertain the public. He deserves the ed wood award, or the golden raspberry - but its just another mindless, linear narrative with no sub-text, character development or redemptive quality. All it needs was to star Steven Seagal and it might find an audience who enjoy cookie cutter action films with nothing to call original. This film belongs in the 99 cent bin at Walmart where the director should be working as well. Don't waste your time.

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