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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thetrollbane 1 / 10

Cute actress, nice cars and trucks but trivial plot and many scenes from other Sci-Fi movies

PRO: cute actress, nice trucks and cars CONS: The plot is trivial - there are dozens of movies like this, and some of them are better executed. There are many scenes in Gray Matter that reminds of other movies: Men in Black, Predator, Alien, Starship Troopers etc. The movie is confusing. You barely figure out who are the alien invaders and who are the protectors. Gray Matter is full of other blunders too. The abducted woman jumps from a considerable height and she is unharmed, despite she received from Gray alien only a energy weapon and no other augmentation. Her energy handgun has broken during the bar fight, yet the weapon works conveniently again on the last confrontation. The exotic dancer removes the alien insect-like from the back of her partner only to show to the (dumb?) watchers that without this the enslaved Earthling is powerless. The same is doing the Gray alien when he intervenes in the fight. VERDICT: With a better director and a polished plot, Gray Matter could have been a good movie.

Reviewed by jmdns 1 / 10

Terrible production

Bad, very bad. Bad acting, bad writing, bad production. Don't waste your time on this.

Reviewed by screechy_jim 3 / 10

Nothing to see here

A bit of a mashup remake here, much like he 1987 film The Hidden starring Kyle MacLachlan, Bad alien comes to earth and takes over people periodically jumping bodies to escape pursuit. It's hunted by a second alien that comes to earth to track and kill it. Even the alien taking over an exotic dancer's body is reused here; poorly it has to be said. Slight variations on the them with a touch of Men in Black and zomie neck munching mixed in for good measure.

CGI and special effects are domestic standard and leave a lot to be desired, but the audio is even worse. Very poorly mixed and much of it muffled like the effect you would get if you were listening to the sound through a plasterboard wall. The paper thin script is barely able to beat the credits in word count, and its just as well given its as clich├ęd and stilted detergent commercial. The acting and direction are in a closely fought battle of atrociousness and its a difficult decision to call as to which is worse.

This is probably going to be one of the worst alien films you'll see featuring 'grays' people being taken over or strippers with aliens inside them. It certainly lands in my top ten worst alien films, and I've seen some doozies.

It really isn't worth seeing as there is nothing new, exciting or even interesting to see here.

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