Missing in Action 2: The Beginning


Action / Drama / Thriller / War

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Chuck Norris as Colonel James Braddock
Steven Williams as Captain David Nester
Soon-Tek Oh as Colonel Yin
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Reviewed by a_chinn 5 / 10

Routine POW film forgot to let Norris kick people until end

Prequel to Chuck Norris' quite successful first film in the "Missing in Action" franchise. The prequel tells the story of how Norris' Colonel Braddock was captured and held prisoner by the NVA during the Vietnam War. The film is a fairly standard POW war film story, complete with an evil camp commandant, cruel torture, and daring escapes. Norris has always been limited in his acting ability, but this film wisely did not ask much of our hero in that department. Unfortunately the film also did not ask Chuck show off his martial arts skills much either, with the exception being a final confrontation with venerable character actor Soon-Tek Oh as the evil Colonel Yin. Chuck takes some beat downs from Professor Toru Tanaka and has some nasty torture scenes, particularly one involving rats, throughout the film as the NVA try to get him to confess to war crimes, but why have a karate champ in your film if you're not going to let him fight? The film's production company realized this was a weak film and had already filmed a sequel back-to-back with this one. Producers made the wise choice to release what was originally filmed as a sequel ("Missing in Action" where Chuck goes back to Vietnam to rescue POWs) as the first of the franchise and then released this weaker film later as a prequel. In the plus column for this film, it does feature music by Max Max composer Brian May. Also, as clich├ęd of a POW story as it is, it's a pretty sturdy one that's hard to resist for fans of this war film sub-genre.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 6 / 10

You are common criminals.....

Because the makers of the films thought that the second one was better than the first, the first films becomes a prequel to the second film, which became the first.

But the reality is that the above statement is more interesting than the rest of the film.

Braddock has been in a concentration camp for heaven knows how long because he refuses to sign a confession stating that he has committed war crimes, and is in desperate need of a shave.

because of his refusal, he and his soldiers are subjected to many dressing downs from the head bad guys, and in one scene, Norris is forced to eat a rat, which he probably enjoyed.

it's a cannon film, so it's not all that bad, Norris has some great screen presence, but his acting skills are still nothing more than him looking perplexed into the distance.

But whilst watching this, I couldn't help but think if that the soldiers went just that little farther over the horizon, they would wander onto the events of Rambo: First Blood Part 2, now that would have been something, Norris and Stallone team up for the ultimate dressing down.

It's understandable that the film wasn't released first, as it does become a little slow in the second act, but then thankfully, the film goes over the top in the final third, and we have the obligatory Norris walking away from a big explosion shot.

It's not Cannon's greatest hour by a long shot, because it takes it's self too seriously, but if your a Norris fan, it's pretty much a given you'll want to see it.

Reviewed by Harry Lags 9 / 10

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning is his most personal mission of all!

When we last left Colonel James Braddock, he was shoving it up Vietnamese butt by barging into their press conference about how they didn't have any POWs in Vietnam with a POW he just rescued. Truly a fairy tale ending, but what about the beginning of the fairy tale? Missing in Action 2: The Beginning is his most personal mission of all! Because it's when he was a POW himself! Which we already saw in sporadic flashbacks in the first movie.

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning shows the capture of Colonel Braddock (Chuck Norris) during the Vietnam war in the 1970s, his captivity with other American POWs in a brutal prison camp, and his plans to escape. Norris and his crew are holed up in a prison camp for the whole picture, ruled by tyrannical Colonel Yin (Soon-Tek Oh) who resorts to psychological mind games, torture and murder to try to make Braddock sign a statement admitting to war atrocities he never committed.

There seems to be no end to the different scenarios and interesting scenes that play out during the film: escape attempts, arranged fights between prisoners, a guy who stumbles onto the prison camp and gets executed. Things really start to pick up when Braddock gets really mad and you see him sneaking here and there, setting bombs, picking off people one by one, freeing people, blowing up stuff, and staying behind after everyone leaves because he doesn't believe Yin really died when he bombed Yin's hut.

But Chuck really delivers in the end, especially in his final feel good showdown with Yin. In my opinion, Missing in Action 2: The Beginning is the best of the Braddock movies, it's part action film and part action drama, which sets it apart from the other movies.

The first time i ever watched this film was in the early 80's in the cinema and it was great, and i still think it's great...

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