Mommy's Secret


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Adam DiMarco as Kyle
Sarah Grey as Denise
Lucia Walters as Agent Kincaid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marsmii 1 / 10


This was a terrible movie: the story line was unbelievable, the acting was stiff & unbelievable! The mother's and daughter's acting was really bad! There was no real emotion! If a mother found out her son was gambling and in deep debt, there's no way she would smile and softly say it's going to be okay! There would be screaming and threat of consequences and getting professional help for him. It was like the daughter was sleep walking throughout and when she was bound & gagged----it was actually laughable! It might have been better with better casting and actors that could actually act!

Reviewed by frederickgriffin 3 / 10

Based on a True Story? Really? I doubt it.

The premise of this movie is absurd. Mom decides to rob banks to cover her son's gambling debts? Sure, it happens every day. Plot holes include the FBI enlisting "Mom" to rob banks as part of a sting operation. Not likely. An open gambling establishment that is not shuttered by the local Vice Squad? And what kind of bar that plays poker for $5000 a hand would operate out of a single-wide mobile home? The acting is very poor. The scenario is highly improbable. The daughter acts suspicious in the first scene. The broke single mother, with no income other than chump change from an occasional customer at the beauty parlor, lives in a million dollar home. When the banks are robbed, the police just let her just stroll out the door, even though she is carrying no heavy armament, and has no back up (and try walking into a bank wearing a sweatshirt with a hood, dark sunglasses, and a backpack, see if that doesn't draw attention to you). Did you notice that the soccer star never eats any protein, just the Lifetime Movie Network veggie menu of lettuce and pasta? It's going to be hard to get the necessary strength and muscle mass to play soccer, living on a diet like that. Also absurd is Junior, who is being played at the Poker table, he just keeps going back for more, and the house "loans him" $20K plus? No, the movie is just not realistic. The poor acting (is that a real soccer coach?) is the death knell.

Reviewed by phd_travel 6 / 10

Surprisingly watchable and quite funny in parts

There is something watchable about this sometimes ridiculous and sometimes unintentionally funny Lifetime thriller. Charisma Carpenter stars as a beautiful widow who disguises herself as a man to rob banks to pay off her son's gambling debts. Her disguise is quite laugh out loud but if you think about it a change of sex disguise could be quite effective. The police would be looking for a man. Anyway the way the mother does this crazy thing for the gambler son is actually possible in real life even if robbing banks is a stretch. The daughter surprises by not being a brat.

The finale is quite something soccer mom and soccer daughter vs money launderer.

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