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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tdrish 7 / 10

once again, an independent film outshines mainstream cinema

I really enjoyed the movie. Very tragic story, but a very real story. The only problem I had was the fact that I know the movie doesn't even begin to scrape the real horrors of the underbelly of Los Angeles. However, most of the cast clearly acted their butts off for their roles. Great movie, well made, but it just doesn't touch the tip of the iceberg of how dangerous the life path for these young girls are. American child sex traffic is a real problem in the United States, but the sad part is is that a huge percentage of these girls are forced into this kind of lifestyle. No child should ever have to go through this, and no female should be a victim of life itself. My heart and prayers go out to the unfortunate who are experiencing all this as we speak.

Reviewed by briggs-24507 10 / 10

Finally a truthful European type reality drama!

This movie is a cult classic for the ages. Usually Europeans are way ahead of us in making movies with real stories but this one holds it own against them.

Real stories are educational and bring up real life issues.

Hats off to the producers and all the cast members for actually making this movie!

Reviewed by subxerogravity 7 / 10

Not what I was expecting, but I like it.

When I saw this movie on amazon, I assumed it was a soft-core porn flick, but then the film starts with the messaged about how teen girls are exploited for sex. that really ruin my high.

The movie tries to cover everything you ever herd about teen prostitution and role it up in one girl, and it becomes a series of adventures in her life. Semi episodic going from one segment to another, but it does help to get the message across.

It is a realistic story about survival trying to be very leveled in telling us what it takes to be a girl in this position.

Yet still, the opening tiled message does help to get me in the tone of the drama this is suppose to be, the movie still kinda feels like a soft-core porn. It never ever gets out of that mood.

For me it does not make this an easier pill to shallow. In fact it does what a work of art should makes me think, about the young girls who go into porn and I've seen at strip clubs and what actually got them there.

So, great film to watch, with a great message, unless your one of those guys who lives at the strip club, than this might mess up your head a little (or at lease I hope it does).

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