Out of the Shadows



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Goran D. Kleut as Mr. Augusta
Kendal Rae as Katrina Hughes
Jake Ryan as Charles Winter
Helmut Bakaitis as Father Joe Phillips
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by S. Soma 5 / 10

An adequate horror movie.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS is a reasonably competent, Australian-made horror picture. If you're a horror fan and have seen your share of horror pictures then it's unlikely that you're going to see anything new within it. Everything about it is adequate if unremarkable. Adequate acting, adequate music, adequate special-effects, adequate storyline, adequate...

Many of the plot elements presented are so well-established in the genre that you might even call them "traditional". In fact, that's actually a pretty good description of the movie overall: a good traditional horror movie based on well-established horror movie traditions.

Pregnant wife, unborn baby a desirable target for a well-known, ancient evil with recognizable name. Disbelieving husband that continues to disbelieve even in the face of pretty concrete evidence. Everybody thinks wife is crazy including doctors. Husband eventually comes around when proof, quite literally, hits him in the face. Authoritative church figure won't get involved because of church rules. Rebel church employee takes on the good fight. Protective supernatural character accidentally banished by rebel church employee. Forces of evil close in on now-unprotected mother and baby. Big supernatural fight ensues with everybody present. Supernatural villain throws everybody around the room being sure to bounce them off of walls. One side wins, one side loses, throw dice to pick which one.

I don't know how nascent or established the Australian horror movie industry is, but OUT OF THE SHADOWS suggests good things to come. The movie is worth watching for horror fans and is much better than the usual direct-to-video junk that the industry pumps out by the metric ton. The dénouement at the end is a little weak with the rockstar-esque supernatural super villain, but still a good effort that deserves some love.

Reviewed by melissahmcgrath 6 / 10

Great Australian scenery, good acting and a few scares

The movie has several themes which lets it down. A bit of a thriller, bit scary, bit investigative. But its worth a watch. Good Australian cast

Reviewed by yuksellica-95129 2 / 10

Do not waste your time

I never saw such a funny movie. It was very terrible.

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