Paul, Apostle of Christ


Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
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Jim Caviezel as Luke
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Olivier Martinez as Mauritius
John Lynch as Aquila
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erhelvering 10 / 10

Very moving if you take the film on its terms

First off, know what to expect going into this movie. It is not a retelling of the book of Acts and Paul's many exploits. It is about him reaching the end of his life and passing the torch to the next generation of Christians, as they all grapple with the difficulty of following God in the midst of a cruel and evil world. Knowing that, I don't think you will be disappointed.

I rated this a 10 because I don't know if any movie has moved me more than this one did. At least, very few have. It's not perfect, but by the end I was sobbing uncontrollably in the theater. Specifically, seeing the suffering of the persecuted Christians, and especially Paul's struggle with lingering guilt over his part in that persecution, culminating with the final scene (which I won't spoil here).

I'll admit that some of the dialogue, especially earlier on in the film, could probably be better, as could the quality of some shots or the sound mixing in a few moments. But the acting is strong across the board, and the production design and costumes look very authentic. Most importantly, the drama is sustained throughout, and there are profound spiritual insights to be gleaned.

Reviewed by Istvan Kolnhofer 9 / 10

Quite moving & poignant

This movie is far better than your typical Bible or 'faith-based' movie; I admittedly had some low expectations going in to see it and was very surprised by a quality film with a beautiful message. Not for one second did I feel that this was preachy or 'Bible-beating'... it was more pure and authentic and humanist. The acting is top notch, with Jim Caviezel, Faulkner, and Olivier Martinez really giving some nuanced and layered performances. Nobody phoned in their roles, you could sense a level of passion and commitment to the story. The music was also excellent, a gorgeous score that was paired with some nice cinematography and production design. The movie looked good and sounded, but importantly - it felt good. Lots of films in the devotional genre tend to end up being mere dramatic recreations of the gospels, but this one, while delivering authenticity, was not as concerned with delivering a 'live-action experience of the Bible' so much as striving to express the true message of Paul. That message, the one that is basically Christ's Sermon on the Mount, is the crux of the film. This gives it an emotional heft that is quite poignant. I wasn't so moved by the characters' actions and the story in so much as what they were feeling in their hearts and what they were expressing. Dammit this movie hit me right in the feels and I already know it will linger with me for days. That is a good sign that I just participated in some human art. Won't win any Oscars, and sadly probably won't light up the box office but this is a fine and beautiful movie with an important and relevant message for the world today.

Reviewed by Major_ANC 9 / 10

Well done

I like movies of faith though I'm not religious. This is one of the better ones to come out recently. The acting, directing, and especially editing are far superior to Sampson, another recent movie of faith which was supposed to be a blockbuster and failed miserably in every imaginable way (including the box office.)

Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018) really does uplift. Whatever you believe, a story of someone willing to endure torture and still maintain his faith, while preaching that great evil can only be conquered by greater good, is someone to be admired. This film can bring tears to your eyes, make no mistake. It can also bolster your resolve to be a force for good.

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