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Joan Crawford as Amanda Farrow
Hope Lange as Caroline Bender
Martha Hyer as Barbara Lamont
Louis Jourdan as David Savage
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Reviewed by Maliejandra 6 / 10

Mad Men-esque

Caroline Bender (Hope Lange) gets a job at a publishing company staffed almost exclusively by women. She manages to work her way up the company ladder even though her real desire is to marry her sweetheart and settle down. That falls through when he impulsively marries another woman (who has money).

This a very soapy drama that relies heavily on outdated societal expectations, namely among women. All of them want to get married, even the one who gave up the prospect of marriage for career success (Joan Crawford), and will go to extreme lengths to achieve that goal. Some find happiness, others get pregnant out of wedlock, and still others resort to stalking.

In spite of the somewhat ridiculous plot twists, this is an enjoyable and stylish film with a capable and beautiful cast. The sets are reminiscent of Mad Men and they're photographed wonderfully.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 7 / 10

It grows on you

Yes, after getting off to a rather poor start, this film grows on you. Or at least it grew on me. The beginning, setting the stage, seemed so very cliché, but as the film progresses we see that most of the characters have a fairly interesting story to tell us.

The real treasure here is Hope Lange, whom I remember enjoying in movies and on television quite a bit before she faded in my memory. She's excellent here, an probably the highlight of the film. As the main character, she matures in her character's role from naive secretary to executive...and makes it believable.

On the other hand, Stephen Boyd, whom she eventually appears to fall in love with, does little more than stand around in a few scenes. And in those few scenes he was pretty ineffectual. Surprisingly, he was stunning in his very next film -- "Ben-Hur"! I also wan't very impressed with Suzy Parker as a secretary. Her role is significant, but somehow she just didn't have star quality...other than her looks.

I would like to have seen more of Martha Hyer, a very underrated actress. Her part is not that significant here.

Diane Baker was quite good as another of the secretaries, and significant parts of the film revolve around her affair and later romance.

Brian Aherne is around as an older editor who can't keep his hands off the young secretaries. He's okay, but I was not impressed.

Louis Jourdan is here as a Broadway director, and although his role is not large, it is significant, and he handles it well.

And then we have Joan Crawford. Her present-day image as a witch (or something that rhymes with that)...well, this role helped cement that image. But, her role is my biggest criticism of the film. Almost seems like they sat around saying, "Hey, we need a witch to counteract with a couple of the characters. Maybe we could get that over-the-hill actress Joan Crawford." It almost becomes camp. This was Crawford's last film before she fell into horror pictures.

The acting runs from hot to cold in this film (as described above), and Crawford is little more than a distraction. But there's a lot to like here, as well. It really does have quite a good story line, however, and as previously mentioned, Hope Lange is superb.

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 6 / 10

Definitely disappointing!

Copyright 1959 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at the Paramount: 8 October 1959 (simultaneously at the Normandie from 9 October 1959). U.S. release: October 1959. U.K. release: November 1959. Australian release: 3 March 1960. 121 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: The affairs and aspirations of some of the female staff in a New York publishing house.

NOTES: Location scenes filmed in New York City. The title song was nominated for an Academy Award, losing out to "High Hopes" from "A Hole in the Head" (which was no loss for Sammy Cahn as he wrote the lyrics for that one too. The music was by James Van Heusen).

VIEWER'S GUIDE: Definitely unsuitable for children.

COMMENT: The direction is dull, Brian Aherne is wet, but the rest of the cast is interesting - especially Joan Crawford (even though some of her best scenes allegedly ended up on the cutting-room floor because Wald thought that the finished film was too long). Of course, the story is pure soap opera, but it cleaned up at the domestic box-office, coming in third for Fox behind "Can Can" and "From the Terrace" in 1959-60.

Despite this success (which was certainly not repeated overseas, where the movie was lucky to retrieve its print and advertising costs), CinemaScope was losing its special allure. As in "How To Marry a Millionaire", the story concerns three girls on the make. But this time they don't want millionaire husbands so much as Success — with sex on the side. Gone is not only the charm and simplicity of the characters, the clear-cut, attractively defined direction of the story, but the style, the flair, the imaginativeness of the storytelling. And so far as CinemaScope is concerned, the film might just as well have been made in standard widescreen.

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