The Evil That Men Do



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martinuebelleitner-52419 9 / 10


a Mexican cartell story very interesting original , never boring very original,with great actors all along reminds of unknown of 2006 you are just thrown into this place don't know whats going on i like this kind of movie that keeps you guessing,again if you want to see something fresh new keeping you on the edge of your seat,perfect evening movie blown away ,and at times very violent which i don't have a problem with,very nice movie the kind i wish i had every evening to relax .no wonder i'm the first 10 lines is insane no problem for fake reviewers which are many on IMDb especially in the horror genre even this is more of a action/thriller.but again very much enjoyed it.especially the lead Daniel Faraldo is very impressive have noticed him the first time but the hole cast does a wonderful job .again i wish i had a movie like this every evening perfect entertainment.

Reviewed by omendata 6 / 10

Actually quite a visceral depiction of the reality of Mexican Drug Cartels

Certainly made me think.

Mexican drug cartels are bad if not worse than Isis from what i have seen. This movie is pretty tough and relentless in its violent depiction of this side of Mexico - perhaps Trump is right about the wall.

Some people have called it predictable but i didn't find that so in any way at all. Professionally filmed with good sound and photography , dialogue is good and I liked the characterisation of the two main protagonists.

Good acting , nasty decapitation scenes for the gore-hounds, simple story and pretty visceral stuff with the only problem being i missed a lot as it didn't have subtitles for some scenes so make sure you get a copy with subtitles.

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