The Three Musketeers


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 45201


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Charlie Sheen as Aramis
Rebecca De Mornay as Countess D'Winter
Tim Curry as Cardinal Richelieu
Gabrielle Anwar as Queen Anne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gislef 6 / 10

Eh Adaptation - Okay Action Flick

Nope, it's by no means an accurate adaptation of Dumas' original work. Umm, does nanyone really care? Dumas' plot, while interesting in and of itself to many, is probably not one that many folks who think of "the Three Musketters" could actually _tell_ you.

This movie sets out to more or less capture the feel of such films, rather than the source material itself. In that regard, it's not too badly done. The characters are pretty broadly drawn, but adequate for the younger audience they're aimed at. Sutherland, Platt, and Sheen all seem way too young, but at least the first two are entertaining. Platt in particular manages to steal every scene he's in.

By the same token, Richelieu's character is simplified to "generic bad guy." The King and Queen seem too young as well (although they're represented age may be novelistically and/or historically accurate - again, could most folks really tell you, or care?).

Overall, I'd recommend the movie for some light entertainment, but don't take it too seriously.

Reviewed by BadWebDiver 10 / 10

Underrated swashbuckling adventure from the 90s Young Turks.

This is a VERY underrated action-adventure story which revamps the classic tale with a lot of top class young talents of the 90s. The humour and action fit together perfectly, and it features some very outstanding scene-stealing performances; especially from Tim Curry (natch!) and Oliver Platt.

<Spoiler Warning>

IMHO, Chris O'Donnell plays a young dashing hero very well in this (my fav movie of his); and Platt, Charlie Sheen and Keifer Sutherland play the classic sword-masters with a great mix of dash and humour. Keifer's dramatic undercurrent to the frivolity going on around him works very well, and helps this from becoming too schmaltzy. The highlight for me was the the scenes where D'Artagnan accidentally arranges three fights with the famous trio; as well as the final climactic showdown of course.

Reviewed by Way_The_World_Ends 3 / 10

Hilarious-for all the wrong reasons

OK, first of all, you can't take this movie seriously. At all. I found this on TV and though "wow, Keefer Sutherland, Tim curry and Charlie sheen with swords, must be a cool movie." if you go in saying that, you will be disappointed. However, me and my brother were laughing the whole way through. The action is insanely over the top, the bad guys make the funniest noises when they die!! Also, EVERY cliché is in this movie. The harsh character who hates everyone and then has a stand-off against the enemy allowing the others to escape and think he's dead and then miraculously come back! Me and my bro were cackling as we pointed out this and similar stuff. Tim curry is funny as heck too. it seemed like he was thinking "I'm stuck with this, so why not have fun?" and makes the main baddie, Cardinal Richelou the biggest perv the world has ever known. This guy comes on to everyone in the movie who vaguely resembles a female, that includes the young king, who looks a woman disguised as a man disguised as Micheal Jackson. The dialog isn't anywhere near the correct time period and while the minor characters at least have accents (though often not necessarily french as they should be) the three musketeers remain pretty darn American. So if you enjoy movies that are side-splittingly bad, filled with cheesy lines and even cheesier enemy death, this is the film for you!! Otherwise, keep your sanity and stay away!

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