What Goes Up



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Olivia Thirlby as Tess Sullivan
Hilary Duff as Lucy Diamond
Josh Peck as Jim Lement
Brett Kelly as Blastoff! Chorus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tristanfarnon 9 / 10

A reporter becomes fixated with a group of teens that were students of his old college mate.

Premiered at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in May 2009 and i must say what a pleasant surprise this movie is. Although set around the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, this flick does not use that in anyway that would diminish that horrific event. The ending could have gone that way, but thankfully doesn't and it makes you leave the theater very pleased that it didn't.... as lesser film makers might have exploited it. You are left wondering just who the student was that caused teacher Sam Calallucci to throw himself off the roof of his apartment. His death coincides with the visit of Campbell Bobbitt ((played coolly by Steve Coogan)) an old college buddy who just can't get past a story he has written about a local hero who he has a relationship with. Bobbitt arrives in the New Hampshire hometown of doomed school teacher Christa McAuliffe. The town is putting on all sorts of events, including a special play at the school. Bobbitt though, gets caught up with a group of teenage students that had a special bond with Calallucci and in a way takes the place of his old chum, even wearing his jacket. Bobbitt finds a hidden note about his friend being suspended for inappropriate behavior with one of his students. All eyes point to Lucy ((brilliantly played by Hilary Duff)), but it isn't so. In fact we never find out for sure as my buddy and I discussed after the movie as we both had varied ideas. A sub plot involving a teen romance with a girl paralyzed from the waste down never gets it's due and in fact is played for laughs which is the one major down-point of this flick. Anyway, you are in for a pleasant surprise if you come across this movie.

Reviewed by mara buxbaum 9 / 10


I really thought this film was made with an honesty few teen centered films usually possess. Intriguing performances and slightly surreal situations make the film well worth the watch. Coogan is delightfully flawed and the surrounding cast truly resonates. Although I was prepared to be distracted by Hilary Duff, I thought she shined brightly and held her own quite well. The truth is that most filmmakers when tackling tougher issues as ones presented in What Goes Up tend to talk down and diminish their audience while the makers of this film seem undaunted by the regular Hollywood mission of going for cheap humor and glamorized sexuality. There is a gravity here that hangs like a thick cloud over this cast and I suspect this movie will be looked upon later as having more layers than it would initially seem.

Reviewed by GoTurtleGo 6 / 10

A good little indie

'What Goes Up' written and directed by first timers Jonathan Glatzer and Robert Lawson, is not a perfect film but it is by no means a terrible film either. At current the film has received 145 votes and has a score of 4.8, well that's just ridiculous and in the review below I hope to explain why.

The Film starts off with much promise, Steve Coogan's acting is superb and the rest of the cast do a very good job too. For the first hour this is a very good film, it's deep, engrossing, and imaginative as it sets up for what seems to be a powerful and emotive story with an interesting array if characters and some brilliant cinematography. I found myself truly captivated, the integration of the Challenger disaster was done very tactfully and we frequently get some wonderful shots from Space that I really liked. However, about an hour in it starts to lose pace followed by a slight loss of direction as the main character, Campbell Babbitt, undergoes a sudden change that really doesn't suit and is poorly developed. The film then goes the same way as Campbell becoming a bit annoying and awkward at times. By the end I found myself feeling a little disappointed as it had thrown almost all the potential it had shown early on, settling of a generic and uninspired end.

All in all 'What Goes Up' is OK, great in parts whilst boring and unoriginal in others, yet, for all its faults I liked it. It may not be perfect but come on people, even 'Little Nicky' has a 5/10 and trust me this is much, much better than 'Little Nicky'. The first hour and brilliant cinematography ensure that 'What Goes Up' is not a 4.8, it's a film defiantly worth watching and one I would happily recommend.


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